Debbie Morales, who first moved to Sahuarita 17 years ago when it was still a one-stoplight town, has held many different roles in the community over the years. Now with nearly two decades of experience under her belt, and after having lived and raised 8 children in the community, she is ready for what she hopes to be her next role; to represent the community she loves as part of Town Council this November.

When she first moved to the area, Debbie worked as a 911 operator/dispatcher for the City of South Tucson Police, Fire and Meds, which also included the Town of Sahuarita Police Department. A year later, she began a career with the Town of Sahuarita in the Building Safety Department, working as a permit clerk.

Over the years, she has immersed herself in the community, and has been involved in multiple events and organizations; including spearheading the Walden Grove Grad Night for 7 years, the Food Truck Round Ups, involvement with her church, in Youth Group, Shopping Angel, El Rio Health and in various other Town events.  In 2018, she was highlighted as one of “I-19 Most Influential People” by the Green Valley News, and has received the Manager’s Choice Award for the Town of Sahuarita.

Given her extensive experience prior to and during her time working with the Town, along with her diverse range of experiences working in and around the community with residents, she has a thorough understanding of the challenges that face the town, and therein has the ability to affect real change. She wants to ensure responsible spending by the town, and that it is to the benefit of all residents. “My decision [to run for Town Council] is based by the fact that I was employed by the Town for 16 years, I built relationships with the residents, builders, developers, business owners and the employees. I would love to be that ear and voice for my community which includes all those mentioned prior.”

She continued: “My top priority is to have open communication with everyone, not make any promises but work hard to accomplish whatever challenges are being met.” She also said that she wants to make sure that the safety of residents and employees will continue to be met.

She has a deep love for and pride in Sahuarita, and plans to continue making it a top priority to give back to the community that has given her so much. Kathleen Doucette, who met Debbie while volunteering at the Sahuarita Elk Lodge and also on Walden Grove’s Grad Night, spoke highly of Debbie’s strong leadership and problem-solving skills saying, “I know she is dedicated to the community of Sahuarita! She wants it to be a safe place to live for citizens of all ages.”

Kathleen continued: “She is involved in more aspects of our community than I can describe. I place my total trust in her love of our community and her vast knowledge of the inner working of the Town of Sahuarita.”

Debbie said of running for Town Council, “I would hope to accomplish bringing this community together as one community, united to tackle common goals included in the Town’s strategic plan; and to assist in the accomplishment of our vision statement in the general plan.”

“I have had the pleasure to witness so much growth in such a short time. I would be honored to be part of the team and decision-making authority that benefits my community. I am now retired and would love nothing more than to further serve my family, friends, neighbors, former co-workers, businesses and all residents of the Town of Sahuarita. I will bring with me the unique perspective of having been an employee of the town. As such, I have been an integral part of the growth experienced over 16 years.”

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