The Sahuarita Town Council will soon need to fill two seats left open by two resigning members. Lynne Skelton, Sahuarita Town Council member since 1999, resigned from her seat on council effective on June 10th of this year. In her time on council, Skelton had served as both mayor and vice mayor. Dalia Zimmerman, who was elected to council in November of 2018, has also shared that she will be resigning from her post sometime now and September, as her family is moving out of the area.

Both seats will be filled through a formal appointment process by the remaining members of council, as dictated by Town Code. Initially, the Town of Sahuarita did not make it public how exactly that process would occur, and did not clarify the specifics. Interested citizens were encouraged to contact the Town of Sahuarita for more information.


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