This November, local voters will be asked to support Proposition 492, for the renewal of a District Additional Assistance (DAA) Override, and Proposition 493, a Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Override. Both budget overrides are a continuation of the existing overrides already in place, and will not increase the tax rate.

Proposition 492, the District Additional Assistance (DAA) Override (also known as a Capital Override), is a budget measure which helps pay for critical instructional and student materials, furniture, transportation, technology, and improvements to existing facilities, which cannot be covered by the state allocated district capital budget or bond proceeds. This override authorization is reaching expiration, and must be renewed by voter approval to continue.

Proposition 493, the Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Override, funds valuable programs and services for the district, the costs of which are not fully covered by the state. According to the district, over 100 staff positions are funded from this measure, including teachers, athletics, NJROTC, security, counselors, career and technical education, instructional aides and more.

The override requires voter approval every 5 years, as Arizona law only allows school districts to receive approval from voters for up to 5 years before the override begins to phase out. Voters have continuously supported the SUSD M&O override since 2004. Without approval and reauthorization of the override by voters in November, many of these crucial positions and the programs they allow for risk being cut.

If the overrides are renewed in November by voters, the district expects that there will be no new increase in taxes. For 2023, it is anticipated that the overall school district tax rate will decrease.

Sahuarita Unified School District Superintendent, Dr. Manuel Valenzuela, commented: “Our success in delivering a truly excellent education for every student is directly correlated with our shared commitment to providing excellent learning programs. The community’s historical investments in the M&O and DAA overrides have targeted outstanding programs that define a well-rounded education. They include K-12 fine arts, band, orchestra, and dance, K-12 physical education, K-12 counselors in every school, instructional support staff, middle and high school athletics programs, NJROTC, Career and Technical Education (CTE), smaller class sizes, and security monitors. Similarly, they support the facilities, capital equipment, and technology that are necessary inputs to advancing this vision of excellence.

Dr. Valenzuela continued, “This is not a new tax. It is a continuation of a current local investment in our schools. And, through careful budget management, financing, and local growth, these strong programs are possible with a school tax rate that will still go down this year.”

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