The start of school in Sahuarita has come, and that means area children are gearing up for a brand-new set of adventures, thoughts and experiences. The start of a new year can be sometimes be a bit of a bummer though, and it’s important to get children excited and into the right frame of mind to step into success.

Here are a few fun and simple ideas to get you started.

Make preparing for the new school year a fun activity with your children.

Make school supply shopping fun, or start a new weekly calendar as a fun craft project. Let them be a part of labeling or decorating their new folders, notebooks and backpacks. Or spend some time researching new fun and healthy snack ideas for the new year. Making your children a part of the process makes them more likely to take ownership in whatever they’re doing, and have pride in seeing it become a reality.

Set some new habits to implement in your home.

A change in after-school scheduled and routines can be really fun, but it can be tough to adjust to, and enough to throw off even the most excited and eager child. Consider making new positive habits that your children and family can stick to. Set a time aside each afternoon or evening for homework. Do it together, as a family, each night at the same time when possible. Make it a priority to have dinner together at least a couple nights per week (or as often as schedules will allow.) Having dinner and taking the time to disconnect and “unplug” together can lead to healthier, happier children and stronger family bonds. 

Start new traditions your children will look back on for a lifetime.

Whether it’s something simple; like turning nightly family dinners into a reflection on a favorite activity or subject of the day; or something more involved; like having fun “photoshoots” for your children’s first day of school each year, fun activities that children can “count down to” will help make the start of a new year easier. Whatever it is, make it special and exciting. Make it unique, and make a big deal of it. Children will look forward to that special tradition each year as part of their fresh “start”.

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