The Sahuarita Unified School District Governing Board is going to be short one member beginning this summer, as Dalia Zimmerman will be vacating her seat since she is moving out of the area. Zimmerman, who also serves on the Sahuarita Town Council, has shared that she will leave sometime between late May and September.

After being elected to the District Governing Board in November of 2016, Dalia pursued the seat on Town Council. She was elected to Council in November 2018. She and her family have lived in the area since 2013.

The vacated seat by Zimmerman followed another loss, as longtime Board Member Kris Ham resigned in February of 2019. Former Board Member, Elaine Hall, who lost to Zimmerman in 2016, was appointed at that time to fill Ham’s seat.

More information will be available in the coming months as to the process for filling Zimmerman’s Board seat, as her official last meeting has yet to be determined.

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