Spring is right around the corner, and that means it’s a good time to consider a deep clean and declutter of your home. This is the chance to move furniture, reorient spaces, and delve into the nooks and crannies that can get overlooked or neglected during  typical weekly chores.

  • Clean window blinds, curtains and drapes
    • While not the most exciting of cleaning tasks, this is an important one, as the dust that can collect can be a source of allergens and irritants. Try using a dust spray and wand, or even get to all sides of blinds with a microfiber towel wrapped around kitchen tongs.
  • Wipe down walls, baseboards and cabinets
    • Another area for dust to gather and be missed is the baseboards in your house. Use a damp cloth and enlist the kids help to wipe off the dust. The walls themselves might also deserve a bath, for any dirt or dust that clings. Be sure to wipe your cabinets too, both outside and inside,
  • Clean those ceiling fans
    • Notorious for looking great and then seemingly out-of-nowhere being covered in a layer of dust, ceiling fans are another item that needs a good cleaning. Use a long-wanded dusting wand, to make sure you get not just the blades, but all the nooks and crannies of the base. The same goes for light fixtures…which have lots of tiny spaces to harbor tiny particles of dirt.
  • Pay attention to area rugs, and make welcome mats welcoming again
    • Give some attention to the area rugs in your home. Take rugs outdoors and shake them out. Beating the rugs with a broom can help dislodge ground-in dirt. Next, vacuum the rugs to help eliminate visible lint and dust. And be sure not just to clean the rug itself, but remove it and clean underneath thoroughly. Clean outdoor welcome mats too, which are first in line for tracked in dirt and mess.
  • Give the kitchen some extra TLC.
    • Clean on top of the refrigerator – and wipe down the inside shelves and drawers thoroughly. Not only will it look cleaner, but it’s a good practice for the sake of safety too. Clean inside all of the appliances, and throw out any expired food.
    • Maximize your space by rethinking how to store items. Use hooks to store lids for pots and pans on the inside of cabinet doors, or hang measuring cups and spoons for easy identification and access. Invest in some clear compartments for your fridge, to keep items separate, organized and more visible.
  • Organize your closet, shoes and jewelry/accessories
    • Take a good look at all the clothes in your closet and dresser drawers. A good rule of thumb from many experts says that for things you haven’t worn in a year or more, it’s probably a safe bet to get rid of it. Don’t throw it away though! Create “Keep” and “Donate” piles, and give the items you no longer want or fit into to a local deserving organization or a thrift store.
    • The “junk drawer” in your house? Whether it’s in your kitchen, laundry room or office, add it to your list of items to go through. Take the contents out, rework it to maximize space and the visibility of its items, and pare it down.


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