When one thinks about shopping local, they likely think of things like “Small Business Saturday”, buying art from a local painter or gathering produce at the neighborhood farmers market. While those are all great examples of how consumers can shop local to support their local economies, shopping local can also be as simple as shopping within the boundaries of one’s own town or community.

Supporting the establishments that choose to invest in your local economy and market not only can save families time and money, but it also helps to ensure that the sales tax dollars from that commerce stay local. Those funds get invested back into the community, and can help sustain continued growth over time.

Plus, when consumers “stay” and support companies locally, the incentives for more businesses and companies to locate within the area become obvious. Where the consumer is, the opportunity to do business is. When local businesses have the support of customers surrounding them, it encourages more businesses to open knowing the community will support them in the same way.

Making it a priority to support stores and services in a small town are crucial too from an employment perspective, as it provides a great opportunity for people to work in the same community they live and grow. Providing citizens that place of employment nearby also gives them the benefits of increased accessibility and ease of commute, less time spent on the road and more time spent with family.

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