Whether your children are grown and you’re looking to downsize, or your family is ever-expanding and you’re needing more space, making the decision to move can be an exciting, yet stressful and at times, an emotional, experience. Beyond looking for the perfect home to suit your new needs – whatever they may be – you’re likely going to be in the position of needing to sell your current home.

In addition to following the advice of your realtor, who will tell you what needs to be done in order to get your home into the most buyer-friendly shape possible, there are a few things that experts agree will help facilitate the process.

  1. Make any updates or repairs that are necessary which would help to increase your home’s value.

Evaluate or have your home evaluated by a professional to determine any potential issues that need to be remedied or features that need to be upgraded. Taking care of items beforehand can also help alleviate potential concerns that your buyers might have, and could avoid the need to fix the problems after your inspection as a condition of the sale.

  1. Clean and do what you can to minimize clutter.

A messy room or a disheveled space can be enough to turn off any buyer, and having spaces clear and in good order can also help those spaces appear larger. But don’t clear out the space completely; buyers need to be able to visualize what it would be like to live in the home, and having some furniture and fixtures to make it looked lived in helps.

  1. Set the stage

Home staging can make a big difference in your home vs. the home that’s for sale next door that’s completely empty. While there are companies that you can hire to stage your home professionally, doing what you can to add small details and dress up your home (with things like candles, throw pillows and accents), can go a long way in making your home more pleasing to the eye. A living room staged with a comfy couch, stylish pieces and attractive art can sometimes make the home seem more welcoming, and a refreshing, clean slate that buyers can envision themselves being a part of.

  1. Focus on the finishing touches.

Remember to take care of the items that will make a first impression on buyers. Mow your lawn, pull any weeds and make sure your front door is in good repair. Get rid of any clutter on your front porch, and take the time to clean your windows. That way, you can be sure that buyers won’t pass your home by for lack of “wow” factor.

Prepping your home to sell can be a handful. But with tips such as these, and the advice of professionals as needed, you can relax and trust the process, and enjoy the more exciting process of getting into your brand-new home.

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