Arby’s is the newest restaurant coming soon to “The Corner” at Rancho Sahuarita. The new location will be constructed just east of the existing Fry’s gas canopy, at the northeast corner of Sahuarita Road and Rancho Sahuarita Boulevard.

While an exact opening date is not yet available, the owners have shared their goal to open by the end of the year. Construction is expected to begin in early July, as utilities across the site are put in place by Pima County for the construction of the new permanent Pima County Public Library that will located just adjacent to the site.

The new Arby’s will feature the same menu offerings as its other locations throughout the region, and will provide families of the area another choice for casual meals. The Rancho Sahuarita Company continues to work with a number of groups for the potential sale and development of site’s remaining pads.

Diana Dessy, Director of Land Assets for Rancho Sahuarita, stated of the new addition:  “We are excited to have Arby’s join the Rancho Sahuarita community and expand casual dining options for our residents. It was a pleasure working with their team to make it come to fruition, and we know the new addition will be well received.”

Residents of the community and future patrons can expect more details about the official opening date in the coming months.

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